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Scholar Mentor Night

Mentorship is a key mission of The Legacy Guild. Our annual Mentor Night is just one of the many ways we connect scholars with a broad network of supporters to help prepare resumes, find internships and secure jobs during and after college.

On January 4, 2022, The Legacy Guild hosted a group of existing and alumni scholars for an annual mentoring night. The event featured Joanna Mattia, a member of the Legacy Guild Scholarship and Mentoring committee and a community member. The past several years she has led complimentary sessions for Scholars and their families to discuss campus recruiting and career topics for college students and new graduates around resume writing, interviewing and the job application process. This year she was joined by Siobhan Callahan, a Legacy Guild Scholar alum who graduated from the University of Illinois last May and has recently been through the job (and internship) application and interview process.

If you would like to get more involved with this aspect of our mission or want further information, please send us an email.

Mentoring isn’t limited to our formal events. We encourage current and former Legacy Guild Scholars to connect with us on LinkedIn with job and networking questions. Click here for a step by step guide to adjusting the group settings to receive notifications of new posts and job opportunities.



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“I have been a Legacy Guild scholar for all my undergraduate years, and I thought the Legacy Guild did more than enough to help me become successful as a student and as a young adult. Now, as an alum, I am still in awe at the effort and support they give to me. I highly encourage everyone to utilize them for overall support, guidance, and advice.”

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