One of our missions is to remember and honor those who have died within our community by helping the families they have left behind. With generous donations and fundraisers, we are able to provide college scholarships and mentoring programs to students who reside within Lyons Township High School District 204 and have lost a parent. To date, The Legacy Guild has provided over $1.7 million dollars of scholarships to 241 students in La Grange, Countryside, Western Springs, La Grange Park, Burr Ridge, Indian Head Park, Brookfield and surrounding areas.

Beginning with the 2022 school year, we increased our annual scholarship amount. Each Legacy Guild Scholar who is a full-time student is awarded a $3,000 scholarship renewable for up to four years of undergraduate college – a commitment of up to $12,000 per student.

New and returning scholars are awarded their scholarship check during The Legacy Guild’s annual scholar luncheon.

The 2023 Scholar welcome luncheon was held on Sunday, June 11.

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Scholars (2023-2024)
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Criteria & Application

To be eligible for consideration, one must have resided in Lyons Township High School District 204 area while attending high school and experienced the death of a parent. Applications typically are available online in January with a deadline in April. Graduating high school seniors residing in District 204 area and accepted into undergraduate college or trade school may apply. If you are not planning to attend full-time (12 credit hours), we still encourage you to apply and the scholarship will be pro-rated for the number of credit hours.

New scholars must complete an online application and submit an essay along with providing other pertinent information. We offer three options for your essay. The essay can 1) describe the impact your deceased parent had on your life and your plans to honor your parent’s legacy or 2) describe your proudest achievement or 3) describe your long-term goals and how your college degree fits into these goals. We also ask that you describe how this scholarship will assist you in achieving these plans/goals.

In addition to the essay, please provide information on the college/trade school you plan to attend (if known), your intended major and why you chose that school/major and any other pertinent information that can enable us to assist you in mentorship. If undecided as to college or major, please indicate areas of interest. Although financial need is not a factor, please describe how this scholarship would be of assistance financially.

Lastly, provide a list of your extra-curricular activities including sports, community involvement and part-time jobs during high school.

To receive the full amount of the scholarship , we require that our Scholars be full-time undergraduate college or trade school students otherwise as noted above the scholarship will be pro-rated for the number of credit hours you complete.

Once you have received your first scholarship, you must apply for renewal each year up to four years of undergraduate schooling or a maximum of $12,000.. Renewing Scholars must apply during the open application period and must upload their latest college transcript along with their renewal application. Scholars must also maintain a 2.0 GPA.

The deadline for the 2023-2024 application has past however please contact us if you have questions or need an exemption.

“We, as humans, often find ourselves so busy in our own lives that we forget the importance of supporting something bigger than ourselves, our community. As a Legacy Guild Scholar, I want to thank all those involved with the organization. It is because of their faith, kindness, and recognition of our vulnerability that we are able to push harder in pursuit of our dreams. The Legacy Guild has been a constant reminder that when you lose a parent, you do not lose their Legacy. It is my hope that the guild will continue to build resilient, brave, and bright scholars.”

Legacy Guild Scholar